The Secret to Sticking to a Healthy Lifestyle -Day 6

stay healthyThere is a secret to help you stick to your healthy lifestyle. The secret is to stay qualified. You’re probably thinking, “What does that mean?”.  Well, this morning I read 1 Corinthians 9:27.

“But I discipline my body and bring it under subjection (training it to do what it is supposed to do) otherwise, when I preach to others, I’ve disqualified myself.”

This verse has stepped on my toes and made me say ouch! In order to stay qualified, we have to DO what we spend time telling others about. I am in the beginning of my weight loss journey but I know what it takes to be healthy and lose the weight. I have done it before. Often times this knowing, makes me pipe up and tell others how they should eat and exercise. But I have to be careful with thi, I have to make sure that I am disciplining my own body and walking the walk.  So how do we get our bodies in line with what we know we should do?

Begin by writing down your goals.

I’ve recently gotten into the habit of spending Sunday writing down my goals. Habakuk 2:2 says to write down our vision so that we can plainly see it. This helps me to focus on what’s important in my life. I only focus on a week at a time. It is important to have long-term goals but short-term goals help to keep you really focused. Here are some of my goals for this week :

  1. Exercise on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  2. Count calories daily using My Fitness Pal.
  3. Drink two mason water containers.
My Mason Jar Cup
My Mason Jar Cup

I make sure that my goals are specific and measurable. By doing this, it is easy to go back and look and how I did for the week.

Spend time focused on a healthy lifestyle.

This is a biggie for me. Once I take my mind off of making healthy choices, it is all down hill. Social media is a great way to help you focus on creating a healthy lifestyle. On Pinterest, I create health related boards. I have some boards that focus on clean eating or tasty lower calorie recipes. Others focus on fitness and how I can get my butt in gear. I pin to them just about everyday.  Doing this helps Photo: Michael Dales focus on my health goals. On my Instagram account, I follow other people who are trying to achieve their health goals. It’s inspiring to see so many great before and after pictures. I know that if they can do it, I can do it too! On Facebook, I am part of a health accountability group.  It is a place for me to celebrate my victories with good eating and exercise, and share my downfalls too. God’s word says,

“So a man thinketh, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7

Keeping your thoughts focused on healthy choices, improves your chances of making healthy choices and you in turn become healthy.

Renew your mind with God’s word. 

This journey is hard. Unless you have had a weight problem, you can’t quite wrap your mind around how hard it is. I have tried time and time again to lose weight without God but the successes has never been long-lasting. There is no true success without putting God at the center of this battle. In Romans 12:2 Paul tell us to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. So each day, I get up and praise Him for yesterday and ask Him to help me through today and I read my weight loss devotional.You can check it out in my favorites by following this link. It has been one of the best purchases. It is truly showing me how to apply God’s word to weight loss. Yes, God cares about your weight!Photo: David Woo I encourage you to buy this devotional or one that is similar. Spend time studying God’s word and asking Him how you can specifically apply the Word to your life. Renewing my mind has helped me make better choices. Am I perfect? I am not even close.

My Prayer

Father God, help me to discipline my body by first helping me to discipline my mind. I want to be qualified when I talk about living a healthy lifestyle. Help me with the daily choices that I make. I want to honor you in all that I do and say. In Jesus Name, I ask and pray. Amen.

What do you do to help you stick to your healthy lifestyle? I welcome your tips!


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