Help! Drowning!

help drowning I went back to work this week and I already feel like I have put in a few MONTHS worth of work. Being an educator is hard work. Supporting educators is hard work. Growing little minds is even HARDER work! God bless all of the teachers as they head back to work!  I don’t know which is more tired, my brain or my body. I’ve spent the last few days walking from classroom to classroom helping set up technology, troubleshoot computer issues, plan lessons. This last week has required a lot of walking and a lot of brain power.

Elementary teachers never get to leave campus during the school day. The week before students come back to school, we take advantage of eating out. Not eating school cafeteria food is a special treat for us. Heck, it’s a special treat for anyone! school lunch lunch lady And it’s nice to actually get to spend some time together without having to choke down our food in 15 minutes.  I have to admit that I have not made the healthiest food decisions. I’ve eaten delicious slices of pizza from Mellow Mushroom, beef and cheddar sandwiches from McCallisters, and Home wrecker Burritos from Moe’s. As I’m typing this, none of it sounds delicious anymore.

Ten to twelve hour work days mean that I have not made time to plan dinners for home or go grocery shopping. I’m trying to think of what I actually ate for dinner this week. Obviously, it is not memorable and was most likely crap. Honestly, after a long day,  all I have wanted to do is sit on the couch with my hubby and veg with a little TV.  (This only happens on the nights I am not babysitting my two-year old granddaughter. Insert lots of chasing, screaming, and laughter if I am.)  My bed starts calling my name around 9, but then I can’t turn off my brain. So I don’t fall asleep until around 11 or 12. Around 5:30 a.m., the the day starts all over again. There is no such thing as a morning workout. I. am. too. tired.

Getting back in the swing of work is COMPLETELY throwing off my “healthy rhythm”.

So what’s the plan?  Uh, I’ll let you know when I have one.  I definitely have to get some balance back in my life.


Lord, help!


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