What Are You Struggling With?

struggle goal setting Tonight I was listening to a podcast and the host asked, “What are you struggling with?” This question got me thinking that this was a great prompt to use to complete my Sunday goals list. Each Sunday, I sit down and write ten goals that will help me focus on the most important things in my life. This week, I decided that I am going to share them here. These are ten issues that I am struggling with in various areas of my life.

  1. I will schedule time on Wednesday and Saturday and write new blog posts.
  2. I will walk at least 6,000 steps 5 days this week.
  3. I will fast breakfast 3 days this week.
  4. I will pay off my Visa credit card.
  5. I will have a date night out with my husband.
  6. I will get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.
  7. I will study my Bible daily.
  8. I will create a FAQ sheet to help teachers with tech.
  9. I will research a self-hosted blog.
  10. I will read just for fun.  🙂

It helps me to write my goals as an “I will” statement. It’s something that I picked up as an educator. It makes me believe that I can achieve my goals.

What are you struggling with? Do you have any goals for this week? 


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