10 Reasons Why I Love My Fitbit

I’ve had my Fitbit for about two years and it has been a great way to motivate me to get moving. I originally bought a Fitbit Flex but my husband accidentally threw it away in a move. At first I thought, oh well, no big deal.  But I really missed my Fitbit so I decided to upgrade to a Fitbit Charge. Here’s why my Fitbit is on my Love List:

  1. It doubles as a watch. I loved Fitbit Flex, but one of things I missed was being able to see the time. Sure, I could wear a watch too but I love having everything all in one.
  2. It makes me get up and get moving. The Charge displays the number of steps that you have taken. Seeing a low number makes me want to walk more. Seeing a high number encourages me and makes me want to walk more too! This is what a morning full of meetings looks like. Meetings suck. IMG_1354
  3. It’s cute. My favorite color is purple! Well, apparently everyone’s  favorite color is  purple because when I went to Amazon to get my Fitbit Charge, the purple was all sold out.  I didn’t want to wait for them to restock so I went with the slate blue. It’s nice. It’s very neutral and   goes with everything!
  4. The website is easy to use. I love technology. (My job is to help teachers effectively integrate technology into their classrooms.) Fitbit makes is so easy to monitor your progress over time. A quick glance at their website shows how many steps I’ve taken for the day, week, month, or year.
  5. The app is easy too! The app allows you to sync your Fitbit info and  quickly see the information that you can see on the web.
  6. I can track my sleep. I love my sleep. I am not one of those people that can seem to run endlessly on little to no sleep. When you wear your Fitbit to bed, it tracks your sleep. It’s really interesting to see when I am tossing and turning at night. Looking at my sleep data for the week, makes me more accountable for getting a good night’s rest.
  7. You can challenge your friends. Challenges are probably one of my favorite things about having a Fitbit. The challenges features on the Fitbit app allows you to challenge your Fitbit friends to a Goal of the Day, Weekend Warrior, Daily Showdown, or Workweek Hustle challenge. A little bit of competition is a awesome motivation!IMG_1313
  8. It’s easy and quick to charge. The Charge uses a USB charger and can plug into any USB charger. It charges in about an hour or two and a charge lasts about a week. I try to charge mine every Friday night.
  9. It’s a conversation starter. Rarely,  do I go somewhere without someone  mentioning my Fitbit. It’s like I am part of a Fitbit Nation! LOL
  10. You can sync with other apps. I use My Fitness Pal to track my food for the day. Fitbit also tracks with MFP. This is great because it automatically adjusts my calorie intake based on if I have n active step day.  I really like that all of the numbers are calculated for me and it is out of my hands. Easy peasy.

**BONUS** Fitbit customer service is amazing!!! A few weeks ago, I was having problems with the band on my tracker. I tweeted Fitbit and they had a brand new Fitbit to me within a few days!

I encourage you to try a Fitbit!  It’s easy to buy one from Amazon and get it by tomorrow! Love my Prime. 🙂  You can follow my link to my Love List and buy it here. 


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