Day 4 -Let’s Have Lunch

long legged flyIt’s day four of my 3o Day Poetry Challenge.  Today’s challenge is to write a haiku. Usually, haikus are about nature.

I have a bad habit of eating lunch at my desk. Some days it’s not so bad. But today I couldn’t risk getting , ” I see you’re eating lunch, but can I ask you a question? ” When you work in a school, you can’t eat anywhere in the building without someone requesting your time. So out to my car I went. There is a swampy looking pond out back where I park. I’m not an outdoorsy kinda girl but when you need to get away, nature is so sweet. That is until a fly joins you to eat.

stupid buzzing fly

invading my lunch space or 

did I invade yours

Join me for this poetry challenge. Day 5 should be quite interesting.


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