Day 8 – Cinquain

                                                                feet-914737_1920                                                                 Friend

    sweet, committed

    loving, chatting, hugging

 time or space couldn’t keep us apart



Southern Fall

Means football ya’ll

Tailgate morning to night

A mix of summer and fall makes

it right

It’s fall.

In the south that

means football ya’ll. Tailgate

 morning to night. Summer and fall,

that’s right.

So today is Day 8 of my 30 Day Poetry Challenge.  Today’s challenge is to write a cinquain on a topic of your choice.

This challenge was hard for me.  I’m not sure why so I tried a couple of different patterns. Apparently, there are a lot of different forms of cinquain. The first one I tried was a pattern that I have used with my 2nd graders when I was a classroom teacher.  You write a noun on the first line, two adjectives on the second line, 3 -ing verbs on the third line, a phrase on the fourth line, and a synonym for the noun you used in line one. It’s a pretty basic pattern that works well with kids and me. 🙂

The second pattern I used is based on syllables. Here is the pattern:

1st line- 2 syllables

2nd line – 4 syllables

3rd line- 6 syllables

4th line-8 syllables

5th line-2 syllables

The first time I wrote the poem, I messed up the syllable count. Oops. So I had to rework it. The other day I had to laugh about our southern fall because many times you see ladies with a mix of summer and fall clothing. There is nothing like seeing a group of ladies wearing flip flops and cowboy boots.


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