Day 11- My Granny’s Kitchen

BHG1972-261x300My Granny’s Kitchen 
My Granny’s kitchen is where love resides along with
Avocado green thigh sticking chairs
Plastic vegetable ladies dancing over the sink
Birds chirping in the ice maker and
Cabinets overcrowded with Armour Vienna sausages, Hormel chili, Quaker grits, and Dole mixed fruit
Dirty line shoes sit waiting by the back door for sunshine washed laundry
The Junk Drawer filled with keys that open unknown locks
Salted roasted peanuts on darkened roast pan
Wafts of butter flavored Crisco fried chicken
The sweet smell of buttery crust that top fresh warm peaches
Ice water
Folded dictionary pages
Quiet nights
In my Granny’s Kitchen

The kitchen is usually the hub of the house. My Granny’s kitchen was no different. Her house was built in late 60s/early 70s and the was kitchen was lovingly decorated in avocado green.  I loved that kitchen. In the evenings, the dishes were washed and the lights turned low. My Granny would roast a pan of peanuts, pour a glass of ice-water, and complete her daily crossword puzzle.  Sitting quietly talking with my mother while she worked are some of my best memories.
The challenge for Day 11 – Write a list poem.
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