In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Truth Serum.”

How do you get the words to sound so pretty ?

How do your get your words to sound so true ?

Cunning smiles

Convincing lies

Is this the real you?

How do you make everyone believe?

How do you make everyone conform?

False hearted friendships

Perfidious prayers

Is this hideous creature your norm?

You’ve come into possession of one vial of truth serum. Who would you give it to (with the person’s consent, of course) — and what questions would you ask?

There is a person in my life that I’ll call Mary. People thing very highly of Mary. Mary is quite the doer and everything that comes out of her mouth just sounds right. But it hits my spirit as lies. Something about Mary just doesn’t sit right with me. It feels like she is working really hard to cover something up. I really want to know what that something is.


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