Hushed whispers as I walk up
You turn and
say,  “You are so wonderful!”
But as I slip on my cloak and you look straight through me
I listen in on conversations that sound quite different
She’s such a witch, I don’t even know why I pretend to be her friend
She’s a cow
She’s stupid
She’s ugly
She’s dumb
And as I reappear and I look in your eyes
Your smile returns
You grab my arm
walk with me down the hall
and tell me how wonderful I am

Do you remember middle and high school? Girls could be really mean! They still can be. In fact, they made a whole movie about them!  I remember wondering if conversations that came in whispers were about me!  Unfortunately, there were girls that I did question the sincerity of their friendships’. I don’t think any of them felt like the “friend” in the poem. But If I could have the superpower of invisibility I would definitely listen in on those hushed conversations.

God give us the wisdom to know friend from foe. Bring people in our lives that we can trust and take great care with our hearts. 








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