Black Socks in Witness Protection

black socks, naked bodies
are best on total strangers
it eases the fear

In college,  Communication 101 was the source of stomach knots, dry throat, and the constant need to pee. For some odd reason, I have a strong urge to pee when I am really nervous. I went to a small private college so the class of 20 something seemed packed. I didn’t know a soul the day I walked in the room. Not that it really mattered. I would have been afraid anyway. Getting up each week to speak about my thoughts on littering, my favorite poem, and my favorite thing to do created a tremble in my legs that I found hard to shake. 😉 Then came the black socks. I think I saw the idea on a TV show. Imagine the audience naked and in black socks and it will help you overcome your fear. Well, it did and it didn’t work. Imagining strangers naked is just weird. However, thinking about how weird it is to think about strange naked butts in seats, sort of takes your mind off of public speaking.  I survived that class with a pair of black socks.  Today, I have tossed the socks and say a simple prayer before I have to teach, speak, or instruct: Lord, I believe I can do all things through you that strengthens me. It works every time.

2 thoughts on “Black Socks in Witness Protection

    1. Damien,
      It has been the same for me over the years. Being an educator and now an instructional coach means a lot of public speaking. It always brings butterflies but I’ve been told I’m really good at it. I’m glad I could take you back to the classroom. 😀


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