The Box


I have always had a fascination with all things green, homeopathic, and natural in nature. I’m envious of women who take the time to make their own butters, shampoos, and laundry detergent. Their claim of better for the body and environment makes me interested in being that woman. 

A couple of years ago, I overheard my friend and co-worker Leslie sharing Young Living’s essential oils with another co-worker who had a cold. Whatever potion she held in her hands for him to inhale, filled the entire room and gave our sinuses a punch. So I did a little research for myself. Unfortunately,the price for Young Living’s oils floored me before I could get much research done. First thought: I can’t afford this. So I found a lower priced company and bought an oil that claimed to fight germs and another that boost the immune system. During that time, I was fighting colds and sinus infections. I began rubbing the oils on my feet at night. And although I wasn’t sure if they were working, I loved the warm cinnamon smell that made me feel like I was wrapped in a cozy blanket. I have pulled them out each time that I thought I was getting sick. They seemed to do the trick.

Fast forward to today, there has been a lot going on in my life. My husband and I have had some renovation at our apartment that caused us to move into a hotel for a week. While staying at the hotel, we found a bedbug in the hotel room and had to leave in the middle of night to stay with my mom.  (I can’t begin to tell you how grossed out I was by this.) This is all while we were dealing with my husband’s upcoming surgery. It was a rough few weeks. Suffice it to say, I haven’t been sleeping well. I mentioned this to Leslie and she suggested diffusing some lavender oil.


This is how I ended up with this lovely little box. Inside is a ton of essential oils goodies from Leslie at Oilyheart. I will be keeping this box and all of its’ contents for the next week. My goal this week is to see if the oils are a good fit for me.  Have you ever tried using essential oils? Stay tuned for my experience!


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