About Me

IMG_0893Thanks for reading my blog. I’m Erika and I am glad that you are here. Grab your beverage of choice and stay a while.

I am hoping that we can have some great conversations about life.

I am a new wife trying to figure out this two as one thing.  I’m a happy mother and grandmother. Yep, this is a recent picture and yes, I do look too young to be a grandmother. 😉

I am an educator and I love teaching littles and big people too!  My passion is reading and writing pretty words, eating good food, and watching sappy Christmas movies.

I created this blog to tap into my creative side,  share my thoughts about life, and  share how I’m living my everyday life with God.



6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am LOVING your blog- keep keep keep writing!!! You seriously need to submit your poems and writings to some publications. And you totally have a book here geared towards drowning teachers and seeking God each day…for Christian teachers who want to serve students but feel the stresses of the life of an educator…there’s a book here I tell you. 😉 😉 😉


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