Window Widget


Mustering faith

But God I just need to see

Future life revealed


Wouldn’t faith be so much easier if we could see the events that are going to happen next? Ha! Ha ! Then it wouldn’t be faith, right?  I am believing God for a new place to live. My husband and I would love to stop renting and buy a house of our own.  I already own a home (that I am not living in)  and have student loan debt up to my ears,  so I just don’t see how buying a house at this time could work.  Things are just too complicated. Maybe we should rent a house for the next year and leave our apartment community. Maybe we should stay where we are. Maybe we should walk out on faith and try to buy a house. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.  Maybe I need that window widget that will allow me a sneak peek into the future.


Lord help me of little faith.


This post is in response to the Daily Post’s prompt:

World’s Best Widget

You’ve been granted magical engineering skills, but you can only use them to build one gadget or machine. What do you build?


Why I Don’t Teach


I’ve always admired people who say that they love their job. How can I feel like that again? When I was 14, I prayed that God would tell me what to do what my life. God, please show me my calling. I heard teacher. So I became a classroom teacher. I absolutely loved it. I loved watching students faces light up when they finally got a concept. I loved seeing a student start the year with the ability to only read a few words and then end the year being able to read a chapter book. I loved the community of the classroom. I loved the big ideas of students. I loved watching students grow.

What I didn’t love was mandated curriculum that wasn’t a good fit for students, long hours that consumed my days and nights, pressure to have all students at a certain place academically at the same time, educational initiatives that just didn’t make sense, making decisions that were best for politics but not students, tests, tests, and more tests… I could go on with my list but I won’t. I have the ultimate respect for classroom teachers. I still work with them everyday. I do not have a respect for a flawed educational system that I have no clue how to fix.

So was God wrong? Of course not! Did I hear wrong? I am pretty sure that I didn’t. But I know that the classroom is not for me anymore. I am almost 40 now and many days I sit and I fantasize about my dream job. I don’t know exactly what that job is but I know how it would make me feel.  My dream job will make me feel accomplished,  peaceful, excited, and  challenged. It will be flexible enough that I am not tied to a desk or an office. I will be able to teach in my dream job. I am learning that teaching is not bound to a classroom or academia. My dream job will allow me to be able to provide well for my family. More than anything, my dream job will give me satisfaction in knowing that I am doing what I am supposed to with my life.



Thank you Lord for your wisdom.  Allow me to do the work that you have called me to do. Order my steps in the direction that you would have me to take. In Jesus name, amen. 


Today’s post is a response to the Daily Post’s prompt: If you’re like most of us, you need to earn money by working for a living. Describe your ultimate job. If you’re in your dream job, tell us all about it — what is it that you love? What fulfills you? If you’re not in your dream job, describe for us what your ultimate job would be.



What Are You Struggling With?

struggle goal setting Tonight I was listening to a podcast and the host asked, “What are you struggling with?” This question got me thinking that this was a great prompt to use to complete my Sunday goals list. Each Sunday, I sit down and write ten goals that will help me focus on the most important things in my life. This week, I decided that I am going to share them here. These are ten issues that I am struggling with in various areas of my life.

  1. I will schedule time on Wednesday and Saturday and write new blog posts.
  2. I will walk at least 6,000 steps 5 days this week.
  3. I will fast breakfast 3 days this week.
  4. I will pay off my Visa credit card.
  5. I will have a date night out with my husband.
  6. I will get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.
  7. I will study my Bible daily.
  8. I will create a FAQ sheet to help teachers with tech.
  9. I will research a self-hosted blog.
  10. I will read just for fun.  🙂

It helps me to write my goals as an “I will” statement. It’s something that I picked up as an educator. It makes me believe that I can achieve my goals.

What are you struggling with? Do you have any goals for this week?