The Box


I have always had a fascination with all things green, homeopathic, and natural in nature. I’m envious of women who take the time to make their own butters, shampoos, and laundry detergent. Their claim of better for the body and environment makes me interested in being that woman. 

A couple of years ago, I overheard my friend and co-worker Leslie sharing Young Living’s essential oils with another co-worker who had a cold. Whatever potion she held in her hands for him to inhale, filled the entire room and gave our sinuses a punch. So I did a little research for myself. Unfortunately,the price for Young Living’s oils floored me before I could get much research done. First thought: I can’t afford this. So I found a lower priced company and bought an oil that claimed to fight germs and another that boost the immune system. During that time, I was fighting colds and sinus infections. I began rubbing the oils on my feet at night. And although I wasn’t sure if they were working, I loved the warm cinnamon smell that made me feel like I was wrapped in a cozy blanket. I have pulled them out each time that I thought I was getting sick. They seemed to do the trick.

Fast forward to today, there has been a lot going on in my life. My husband and I have had some renovation at our apartment that caused us to move into a hotel for a week. While staying at the hotel, we found a bedbug in the hotel room and had to leave in the middle of night to stay with my mom.  (I can’t begin to tell you how grossed out I was by this.) This is all while we were dealing with my husband’s upcoming surgery. It was a rough few weeks. Suffice it to say, I haven’t been sleeping well. I mentioned this to Leslie and she suggested diffusing some lavender oil.


This is how I ended up with this lovely little box. Inside is a ton of essential oils goodies from Leslie at Oilyheart. I will be keeping this box and all of its’ contents for the next week. My goal this week is to see if the oils are a good fit for me.  Have you ever tried using essential oils? Stay tuned for my experience!


10 Reasons Why I Love My Fitbit

I’ve had my Fitbit for about two years and it has been a great way to motivate me to get moving. I originally bought a Fitbit Flex but my husband accidentally threw it away in a move. At first I thought, oh well, no big deal.  But I really missed my Fitbit so I decided to upgrade to a Fitbit Charge. Here’s why my Fitbit is on my Love List:

  1. It doubles as a watch. I loved Fitbit Flex, but one of things I missed was being able to see the time. Sure, I could wear a watch too but I love having everything all in one.
  2. It makes me get up and get moving. The Charge displays the number of steps that you have taken. Seeing a low number makes me want to walk more. Seeing a high number encourages me and makes me want to walk more too! This is what a morning full of meetings looks like. Meetings suck. IMG_1354
  3. It’s cute. My favorite color is purple! Well, apparently everyone’s  favorite color is  purple because when I went to Amazon to get my Fitbit Charge, the purple was all sold out.  I didn’t want to wait for them to restock so I went with the slate blue. It’s nice. It’s very neutral and   goes with everything!
  4. The website is easy to use. I love technology. (My job is to help teachers effectively integrate technology into their classrooms.) Fitbit makes is so easy to monitor your progress over time. A quick glance at their website shows how many steps I’ve taken for the day, week, month, or year.
  5. The app is easy too! The app allows you to sync your Fitbit info and  quickly see the information that you can see on the web.
  6. I can track my sleep. I love my sleep. I am not one of those people that can seem to run endlessly on little to no sleep. When you wear your Fitbit to bed, it tracks your sleep. It’s really interesting to see when I am tossing and turning at night. Looking at my sleep data for the week, makes me more accountable for getting a good night’s rest.
  7. You can challenge your friends. Challenges are probably one of my favorite things about having a Fitbit. The challenges features on the Fitbit app allows you to challenge your Fitbit friends to a Goal of the Day, Weekend Warrior, Daily Showdown, or Workweek Hustle challenge. A little bit of competition is a awesome motivation!IMG_1313
  8. It’s easy and quick to charge. The Charge uses a USB charger and can plug into any USB charger. It charges in about an hour or two and a charge lasts about a week. I try to charge mine every Friday night.
  9. It’s a conversation starter. Rarely,  do I go somewhere without someone  mentioning my Fitbit. It’s like I am part of a Fitbit Nation! LOL
  10. You can sync with other apps. I use My Fitness Pal to track my food for the day. Fitbit also tracks with MFP. This is great because it automatically adjusts my calorie intake based on if I have n active step day.  I really like that all of the numbers are calculated for me and it is out of my hands. Easy peasy.

**BONUS** Fitbit customer service is amazing!!! A few weeks ago, I was having problems with the band on my tracker. I tweeted Fitbit and they had a brand new Fitbit to me within a few days!

I encourage you to try a Fitbit!  It’s easy to buy one from Amazon and get it by tomorrow! Love my Prime. 🙂  You can follow my link to my Love List and buy it here. 

What Are You Struggling With?

struggle goal setting Tonight I was listening to a podcast and the host asked, “What are you struggling with?” This question got me thinking that this was a great prompt to use to complete my Sunday goals list. Each Sunday, I sit down and write ten goals that will help me focus on the most important things in my life. This week, I decided that I am going to share them here. These are ten issues that I am struggling with in various areas of my life.

  1. I will schedule time on Wednesday and Saturday and write new blog posts.
  2. I will walk at least 6,000 steps 5 days this week.
  3. I will fast breakfast 3 days this week.
  4. I will pay off my Visa credit card.
  5. I will have a date night out with my husband.
  6. I will get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.
  7. I will study my Bible daily.
  8. I will create a FAQ sheet to help teachers with tech.
  9. I will research a self-hosted blog.
  10. I will read just for fun.  🙂

It helps me to write my goals as an “I will” statement. It’s something that I picked up as an educator. It makes me believe that I can achieve my goals.

What are you struggling with? Do you have any goals for this week? 

Help! Drowning!

help drowning I went back to work this week and I already feel like I have put in a few MONTHS worth of work. Being an educator is hard work. Supporting educators is hard work. Growing little minds is even HARDER work! God bless all of the teachers as they head back to work!  I don’t know which is more tired, my brain or my body. I’ve spent the last few days walking from classroom to classroom helping set up technology, troubleshoot computer issues, plan lessons. This last week has required a lot of walking and a lot of brain power.

Elementary teachers never get to leave campus during the school day. The week before students come back to school, we take advantage of eating out. Not eating school cafeteria food is a special treat for us. Heck, it’s a special treat for anyone! school lunch lunch lady And it’s nice to actually get to spend some time together without having to choke down our food in 15 minutes.  I have to admit that I have not made the healthiest food decisions. I’ve eaten delicious slices of pizza from Mellow Mushroom, beef and cheddar sandwiches from McCallisters, and Home wrecker Burritos from Moe’s. As I’m typing this, none of it sounds delicious anymore.

Ten to twelve hour work days mean that I have not made time to plan dinners for home or go grocery shopping. I’m trying to think of what I actually ate for dinner this week. Obviously, it is not memorable and was most likely crap. Honestly, after a long day,  all I have wanted to do is sit on the couch with my hubby and veg with a little TV.  (This only happens on the nights I am not babysitting my two-year old granddaughter. Insert lots of chasing, screaming, and laughter if I am.)  My bed starts calling my name around 9, but then I can’t turn off my brain. So I don’t fall asleep until around 11 or 12. Around 5:30 a.m., the the day starts all over again. There is no such thing as a morning workout. I. am. too. tired.

Getting back in the swing of work is COMPLETELY throwing off my “healthy rhythm”.

So what’s the plan?  Uh, I’ll let you know when I have one.  I definitely have to get some balance back in my life.


Lord, help!