In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Truth Serum.”

How do you get the words to sound so pretty ?

How do your get your words to sound so true ?

Cunning smiles

Convincing lies

Is this the real you?

How do you make everyone believe?

How do you make everyone conform?

False hearted friendships

Perfidious prayers

Is this hideous creature your norm?

You’ve come into possession of one vial of truth serum. Who would you give it to (with the person’s consent, of course) — and what questions would you ask?

There is a person in my life that I’ll call Mary. People thing very highly of Mary. Mary is quite the doer and everything that comes out of her mouth just sounds right. But it hits my spirit as lies. Something about Mary just doesn’t sit right with me. It feels like she is working really hard to cover something up. I really want to know what that something is.


Fighting Rhyme


I don’t want to be near you or even hear you as you babble on and on.
The room is way too small and the air too stale.

I don’t want to lay eyes on your face. Why are you still here in my space? 
My eyes blackened by the words that you hurl.

I don’t want your skin to touch places that use to be kin.
Our massive bed is now the size of a twin.

And this fight seems to go on and on.

I believe that this is day 18. Today’s challenge is to stay away from end rhyme and work with eternal rhyme only. Here is my attempt at internal rhyme.

My neighbors fight a lot. When I say a lot, I mean every single day. My husband and I share townhouse walls with them so every insult, slam of a door, and scream can be heard. This is their poem.

Day 17 – Rhyme Time ???

ostrich-992753_1280I suck at rhyming
It’s hard for me
It makes my poems suckier
than I want them to be
This mold is tight
and it just won’t fit
Can I be free with my verse because
This poem ain’t a hit

Today’s challenge: Write a poem that employs a rhyme scheme.

This is the first challenge where I said screw it and threw something on the paper/screen. You know what I’m saying.  Did I mention that I suck at creating rhyme?   Crap, I just looked at tomorrow’s challenge. 

Post something of yours that has beautiful rhyme or not so beautiful. 😉

Day 15 – Come in! Come in!


Today’s challenge :Day 15- Post a poem (written by someone else) that you love (for any reason).

Do you remember the anthology Where the Side Walk Ends? It was my first intro to poetry and I fell in love. The poems were funny, thoughtful, short, long, engaging, and written just for me. At least, that’s how I felt. Invitation continues to be one of my very favorites. The poem draws you in with its invitation. When I read this poem, I feel wanted, needed. It creates a desire in me to be creative and tell my tale.  I’ve shared this poem many time with my little writers in my classroom. This poem was an invitation for them to be themselves and write their own story. Now, I’m trying to do the same.

I invite you  to post a poem that you like. Yes, you! Do it! This is far more fun with friends. 🙂

Day 14- A Bad Love Poem

heart-762564_1920Our love is like a fine wine

It takes me higher than a Georgia pine

We will be together for eternity

because I love you whole heartily

Promise me when times get tough

and you think you have had enough

You will rest on our love

Which was sent from up above

Today’s challenge was just what I needed to help cheer me up. Now, there is nothing wrong with rhyme. I love rhyme but this poem . . .  And that’s not all that’s wrong.  I hope you enjoyed. 😉

Day 14- Write a bad poem, make it as lousy as you can, do everything wrong, let yourself be awful.

Here’s the challenge! 

What do you think makes a poem bad? 

Day 13- Just One Piece

1811980892_dee9e46632_zThere’s a wicked chill in the air.
Around every corner a scare.
Spooky things go creak in the night.
Candy for days, oh what a delight!
I’ll just eat one piece, oh maybe one more.
Big mistake, I just threw up all over the floor

Day 13- Write a short poem that a child would like.

I taught second grade for about eight years. Now that I am not teaching, I really miss teaching writing. In April, my class would celebrate Poetry Month by reading and writing a variety of poetry. I loved it. They loved it. I learned that eight year olds like their poetry short, funny, and rhyming.  If you throw in something a little gross, you have a real winner! Oh, how I miss my babies.  They were such brilliant free writers.

Up for a challenge?